Orangery rental and purchase
for prestige parties/gala dinners

Orangery is the trend of the moment. The modern orangery meets many needs and is greatly appreciated by its users. It’s functional, but it’s also flirtatious. If we’re talking about orangery, don’t let the word be abused. This is not a place where you can find oranges in all possible variations. Far from it!

Whether in the form of a small covered terrace at home for afternoon tea, reception tent for wedding,anniversary and other or even in the form of reception space of a football club expressly arranged for example, orangeries can take on a multitude of uses, from reception to exhibition in various types of markets.

History and origin of the orangery

The orangeries in their essence, we come from aristocrats who cultivated oranges in bins in specialized buildings called orangeries. An orangery is therefore a covered building with large windows and a heating system to keep citrus fruits at a good temperature in bad weather. The Italians were the first to adopt the floor-to-ceiling windows, which would later become the indispensable components of a modern orangery. In today’s society, the orangery has retained the name and architecture, but its use has changed radically. It is no longer used primarily to keep citrus fruits warm, but rather to shelter men at various events.

Choosing your orangery

It will be necessary beforehand to define the use you will make of your tent before opting for this or that orangery. Is it for the purposes of a sales office? A pop-up store? From a reception room for a gala dinner? Or a showroom? It is important to answer this question as precisely as possible, because depending on the use to be made of it, the orangery you intend to rent or buy will have to correspond to all your needs without exception.

The example of renting an orangery

Once the project has been validated and you want to rent an orangery to welcome guests at a gala evening for example, you need to take a few precautions.

Planning protocols

Allowing the housing to be reconciled with the needs of man, any temporary and final construction carried out on land must first be authorised by the planning department. These points focus on the space where the construction will be located, the space it will occupy and the rules that will apply to it.

Installing a temporary tent

If you are in the business of installing an orange grove that will not have a lasting fixation on the ground, you do not need the planning services to issue you a building permit. A simple statement will suffice. However, we would like to remind you that if your tent exceeds a certain volume and its location on the property exceeds 3 months, you fall into the domain of a permanent location. You will therefore have to take steps to obtain a permit. It is therefore very important to do the necessary research and steps upstream to prevent breaking the laws.

The layout of your orangery

You can decide to trust our know-how and entrust us with the layout of your space. From floor to ceiling,we’ll take care of every detail.

For a charming reception area

The orangeries we deliver will allow you to carry out your activity in peace while ensuring total comfort to your guests. Our large floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy the panorama and our double roofs will allow you to make dinners under the bright gaze of beautiful chandeliers. Whether it’s parquet or tile that you decide to install, we’re perfectly able to meet your needs in the best way possible.

Quality service just for you

The orangeries we offer are elegant, distinguished and refined. We have taken great care to make the most of modernity and tradition in order to set up a breathtaking tent for you. Our high-rise glass systems allow us to install beautiful frames for you. If you think your tent lacks the stamp, we are willing to follow you for a satisfactory result in every way. We’ll customize your orangery the way you want it. Whether it’s your tastes or the atmosphere you want to create during your evening, our team will take care to accompany you to the end. These many motifs that we have will sublimate and make your orangery unique. We definitely put all the skills in competition to offer you the best of services. Our know-how, our technologies and our availability for an unparalleled result.
As you will have understood, owning or renting an orangery for a given event is by no means a headache. All you have to do is contact us and let us satisfy you by the quality of our services.