Defilé Louis Vuitton femme 2024 Louvre
Orangerie fabricant Louis VUitton défilé femme 2024
Extension Orangerie
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Abri And Co 20x40m double toit Orangeraie - Château des Hauts Provins
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Orangerie ephemere hors norme acier
Orangerie fabricant
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A large space

The double roof offers a spacious and bright interior space.

ORANGERAIE: a know-how that will charm your guests for every occasion.

Stand out from the classic marquees with the Double Roof Orangery that will allow you a faster return on investment.

The uses are multiple: prestigious brand showroom (permanent or removable installation), wedding reception room, seminar room – events for hotels and restaurants, VIP clubhouse, exhibition, museum …

ORANGERAIE is known for its manufacturing quality, customization capabilities and innovations on its Orangeries.
Our customers are very satisfied with a quick return on investment.
When we make our chassis, our steels are cut with modern technologies that allow a perfect finish as well as flawless welds. You can customize your window patterns, reproduce your coat of arms, create a design that is unique to your image. Our steels are galvanized, painted by thermo-laceing and then baked at 200oC. This technique guarantees a quality product and a beautiful visual appearance.

Double roof of 15m without poles