Our story

ORANGERAIE is a trademark of ABRI and CO. It was founded in 2008 by two friends Benoit CLEMENT and Yann LANGLOIS. Very quickly the Planet Finance Group via FinanCités entered the capital of our company. Benoit, Yann and Hugues PERROT, our ambition was to create products with the soul of the old glass and steel halls to meet the expectations of our customers. From these reflections was born the ORANGERIE designed in a classic and new way, contemporary and unique, with a style that we call “modern vintage” or “Neoclassical”. We revive the halls like the “Baltard Pavilion” of yesteryear by giving them modern touches to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our Orangeries cater to several uses (Reception room for weddings, market hall, shop, restaurant room, cultural space, multipurpose room …) in Manors, Castles, Museums, Restaurants and Hotels, Local Communities, ….

Our know-how


Our experience at your service


Mastery in the management of your project


Personalised accompaniment

Guaranteed quality

Permanent innovation

Our priority: your satisfaction

La Production

From planning to manufacturing, ABRI AND CO offers impeccable quality from recognized know-how. Our Orange groves are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the internal construction office.

In addition, our welding engineers ensure constant monitoring and monitoring of production.

The steel components of the Orangeries are galvanized hot, this galvanization that provides an extremely durable protection against corrosion.

The chassis and structure of our Orangeries are then thermo-lase. That is, the colour you have chosen is applied by spraying powder paint and polymerizing it in a high-temperature cooking oven (between 130 and 220 degrees Celsius). This paint solution is the most suitable and durable on galvanized steel. In addition, this provides a high degree of finishes, without dripping or brushing.

Our Certificates and Labels

Your safety is our first priority. That is why we place great importance on the quality of our calculation scores and our production. Compliance with the latest standards as well as frequent certifications are a no-brainer.


There is no worse scenario for a contractor than the insolvency of the construction company. ABRI is well aware of this responsibility to its customers, suppliers and employees. That’s why very good creditworthiness is an important part of our business strategy.

Company Values

At ABRI and CO, much of the corporate culture comes from its employees themselves. They are the ones who have defined the ABRI and CO values, so that everyone behaves individually in line with the company’s culture: mutual aid, openness, commitment, honesty and humility.

Your interlocutors on a European scale

ABRI and CO is based in France, England, Portugal and Africa. An English-language export department is responsible for consulting and development across European borders.

“Our Orange Groves are all made and manufactured by ABRI and CO. We guarantee you a high and consistent quality. Your project and your satisfaction are at the heart of our concerns. That’s why we put all our experience in building industrial buildings at the service of your high-quality Orangery. »