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Fabricant de structure hors norme Orangeraie ABRI AND CO
Fabricant de structure sur mesure hors norme
Orangerie hors norme Defile mode Louis Vuitton
Fabricant ABRI AND CO Orangeraie
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Listening to you

Listening to you

Customization of a model is an integral part of the ORANGERAIE experience.
The possibility of a total personalization of your ORANGERAIE to your liking, allows you to make your project a real expression of your personality.
Your project will be designed and produced with great attention in order to offer you a high quality orangery.

Every customer is unique. You will customize your ORANGERAIE according to your desires, your tastes, your colors, your coat of arms, your brand …

Our team of Shelter And Co specialists will accompany you in the success of your turnkey or unique ORANGERAIE. From the first meeting with our project manager, to the assembly and handing over of the keys, through the design with our architect and our engineering office, the interior decoration, the various fittings (concrete slab, plumbing, electricity…) , the creation of custom objects (railing, curtains …), you will be accompanied by our collaborators in order to offer you a tailor-made experience.

Stand out with ORANGERAIE!

Orangery price

Manufacturer ORANGERIE

Steel and glass glass

Shelter And Co with our ORANGERAIE range we make custom glass frames made of steel and glass.

Orange grove

We accompany you from the project to the realization of it

Setting up your Orangeraie

RECEPTION room manufacturer ORANGERIE

Orangeraie reception room

Manufacturer of reception room, restaurant terrace in glass and steel.

Creates a catering space

You can arrange inside the Orangeraies u catering space, sanitary ….

Orangeraie steel glass

Built into a catering area in your Orangery

Orangery Paris

Set up your ORNANGERIE reception room.
Shelter And Co manufacturer ORANGERIE high-end

Orange grove

Set up a terrace around your reception room – restaurant ephemere .

Orangeraie tent reception

Personalize the decoration of your glazed frames and the color of your Orangery

Custom OrangeRaie

Extending your reception room

Guided by our teams we will create together your project that resembles you. After a first approach to your expectations you will discover our recommendations.

We can go from the simplest project to the one that will look like you the most and will remain UNIQUE.