Rent and purchase orangery for space
host a football club, lodges,
VIP reception

Getting the perfect venue for an event is a first step towards the guaranteed success of an event. Whether it is a temporary event or a relatively long time, the choice of venue is undoubtedly of great importance. It should, of course, satisfy the organizers and main players of the event, but also the guests and visitors who will be there. Orangeries are now an excellent choice for hosting receptions, seminars, receive football club events or sporting events of all types, organize sales in different fields and many other activities. What is an orangery and why rent or buy one is one of the best choices available to you?

The orangery, a use that has diversified over time

Orangeries are closed buildings with large windows. Their metallic architecture gives them a particular and attractive style. Orangeries have long been used in the cultivation of citrus fruits, in the process of their maturation and for their conservation sheltered from the vagaries of the climate. However, several decades later, these practical, bright and simply perfect structuresare used to meet different needs. Thus, the orangery is widely used as a room and reception area, event tent, barnum or as a temporary infrastructure for the realization of different events.

Some uses of the orangery to know absolutely!

The orangery has seen its role diversify considerably in recent years. Thus, the orangery can be used for many purposes in totally unsuspected areas.

A football club’s reception area

Renting or buying an orangery as a home for a football club is a great idea. Indeed, given the importance of a welcoming space in the construction of the image made by third parties of a company, it is important to take care of it. For a football club, the orangery is the ideal setting. It is customizable and can house furniture and decoration for both a children’s football club and an adult club. Sponsors, supporters of your club and absolutely everyone who visits your reception area will not want to leave!

Making VIP receptions

Orangeries are ideal structures for hosting VIP receptions of all types. Birthdays, weddings, gala evenings, New Year’s Eve: these buildings are undoubtedly worthy of receiving personalities when performing your events. The reasons are obvious, an orangery can be personalized according to the needs and desires of the organizer of an event. The orangery is bright, classy, design, aesthetic, spacious and will surely allow you to get the space needed for a dance floor and the installation of a large buffet that your guests will enjoy comfortably seated under the comfort of the orangery! Day or night, the orangery is the ideal space for the successful organization of VIP receptions. For those who wish, it will be possible to enjoy a nicely designed veranda for your pleasure.

We also take care of the installation of bars, sales spaces, meeting spaces, for your employees, as well as the possibility to set up in the orangery part-time spaces, or VIP spaces, to benefit from a privileged place and dedicated to particularly important meetings.

Installing dressing rooms

For the setting up of dressing rooms during a show or a semi-permanent event,the orangeries are the ideal choice and can be arranged without any difficulty in the best possible way. The installation of lights, furniture and glass roofs as partitions will be very easy to give shape to functional and comfortable dressing rooms.

VIP space

When installing VIP space, our orangeries can benefit from a dedicated space for meetings of your most important employees. We install the spaces you need for your event. A dedicated VIP space will be installed in your orangery on request.

Buying or renting an orangery, the best choice for the success of your project

Elegant, refined, design, class and above all very modern, orangeries are the perfect structures to accompany you in your most expensive projects. With our experience in the field, we offer orangeries adapted to your desires and your projects. Are you looking for a reception area for a football club, a dream place for a VIP reception or a place to set up comfortable lodges? The orangeries we offer you will certainly satisfy you and enhance your image with third parties. An imposing metallic architecture, high windows for an original and aesthetic rendering, this is what our team of highly qualified professionals offers!

Orangeries, structures that adapt to all tastes

Buying or renting an orange grove has the big advantage of a customization that will fully reflect your tastes and expectations regarding the animation that will reign in your premises or at your reception. The budget you have will also be an important factor to consider when acquiring your orangery. With our experience, know-how and timeless designs, we will make your orangery a place that everyone will love to start with you! Fancy a pavilion,a veranda from a meadow or a covered terrace? The orangery is the perfect structure to offer you all the amenities you’ve always dreamed of!