Orangery rental and purchase
for events, exhibitions

Spaces that allow sunlight to filter out are very trendy. Whether it’s for a restaurant or various events, the public is increasingly enjoying having an eye on the outside. If there is one facility that allows you to be sheltered from the elements while enjoying the surrounding landscape, it is certainly the orangery. We could indulge in a fruit tasting, but the orangery brings a little more than vitamin to the body. Let’s find out more!

What is an orange grove?

Orange groves come from the 12th century. Originally, as the name suggests, they were independent buildings in which some fruits and plants were kept sheltered from the snow especially. It was also an indispensable accessory for aristocrats who served time there with their friends and families during cold weather. The orangery as defined has certainly become a growth space for all types of plants, but its name has taken a completely different direction. It is quite broad in terms of different types of verandas and large spaces that can accommodate people, whether to sunbathe at home or to enjoy an art exhibition. For your various events, we offer our services.

A custom orange grove is quite possible!

Whether for a short time or for a permanent installation,one of our qualities lies in the personalization of your space in order to deliver you an orangery that rhymes with your tastes. Your need is special. That’s why we make different orangeries from one customer to another. Although standard, our orange groves are customizable to your liking. The floor, the metal bars, every detail of your event tent goes under the magnifying glass of our know-how.
Our rates are variable, but remain within your reach. From a purchase to a rental without forgetting the layout and decoration, the orangeries we offer correspond to your projects while adapting to your budgets.

The orangery, the perfect setting for your exhibitions

Opting for an orangery to house your exhibition is a great idea. This may cost you less than renting a space, but you can also adapt the décor to the overall spirit in order to combine everything with your exhibition.

Why invest in an orange grove?

Whether it’s for personal use or professional activities, investing in an orange grove could be one of the best decisions you could make.

Investing in a marquee

Anyone with a flair knows that investing in an orange grove is an opportunity. Indeed, the proud owner of an orange grove can use his room in many facets. Whether in reception space or in the conference room, he is offered the opportunity to make the most of his investment, especially since the bookings of venues for events are made once a year before the said event.

A profitable investment

Investing in an orange grove is highly profitable mainly because the owner is not required to be present all the time. The orange grove works for its owner. If a precaution is to be taken, it is that concerning a pre-market study, the payment of the services of a good communication and development agency. The owner should also not neglect the budget allocated to the development of the orange grove in order to meet the needs of the different customers. The return on investment of our orange groves is very fast.

Do you need a permit before having an orangery installed?

It is now important to follow a number of habitat rules when installing an orangery.

The provisional orangery

By provisional, we mean the installation of capitals and temporary infrastructure. The bindings will not be durable in the land being exploited. As long as the provisional orangery does not occupy more than 20 m2, the owner will just have to carry a declaration that the planning services will issue him.

The permanent orangery

To the extent that you intend to have a semi-permanent or permanent reception tent installed, you should be issued a permit. This permit takes into account certain criteria such as:

  • The surface of your structure;
  • The height of the structure;
  • The time it will take to set up the space, etc.

Our quality services are with you

We have made listening to the customer, our strong point. Listen to him and respond as precisely as possible to his need. We make it a point of honor to be close to our customers in order to do an impeccable job. Our orangeries are distinguished by their elegance and refinement. Our creative workers subtly combine tradition with modernity and give meaning to the orange grove we install for you. So understand that we are here to serve you, and this in detail. So don’t hesitate to embark on your orangery project.