Orangery rental and purchase
for the reception area of a golf club

A company’s reception and waiting area is a showcase capable of showing visitors a first image of the company. Thus, to provide the ideal space to make it a comfortable place to wait and welcome and in harmony with your principles and objectives is of crucial importance. Dedicated to several activities, the reception area must meet several criteria in order to attract positive attention from users. Are you looking for the perfect setting to build a reception area? Don’t know where to direct your choice? Orange groves are an excellent choice and are used today for many purposes and to the greatest satisfaction of users. Why choose an orangery forthe installation of the reception area of a golf club?

What is an orangery?

Between the 17th and 19th centuries, orangeries were long used by various farmers and producers in the field of citrus cultivation. As the name suggests, orangeries were the basis of structures that could preserve oranges and citrus fruits in general and protect them from bad weather and severe climatic conditions. Decades after cultivation techniques have evolved, but orangeries have not disappeared, quite the contrary. These closed buildings and imposing metal architecture have seen their role diversify more and more.

Orangeries: what are the different uses?

Orangeries are structures used in different areas. They can be used for a semi-permanent or temporary event. Orangeries meet all needs and fully adapt when organizing the following events:

  • VIP reception;
  • Birthday, wedding or graduation party;
  • Organization of seminars, shows, concerts, fashion shows, conventions or team buildings of companies;
  • Gala dinners;
  • Installing restaurants and temporary markets;
  • Reception area for sports activities (tennis, golf, football, rugby…);
  • Real estate sales office;
  • Art exhibitions;
  • Fairs of various articles.

What are the benefits of buying or renting an orangery?

Buying or renting an orangery offers many advantages regardless of how you intend to use it. Indeed, orangeries are customizable structures at will. That is their biggest advantage. They adapt easily to your tastes as well as your desires. Orangeries can be set up as kiosks, pavilions, solariums, meadows, covered terraces or verandas. For better customization, it is possible to use glass roofs to delineate the interior of the orangery. The possibilities are endless and just waiting to be used! In addition, these structures are elegant, refined, modern and perfectly adaptable to your needs. Also, although removable as needed and often installed temporarily, they give you all the strength and security you can do to carry out your events in the best possible conditions.

How to make an orangery the ideal place to host a golf club?

Hospitality is a vital activity at the heart of the company. For a golf club, the welcome is intended to welcome and inform those interested in the various activities of the club. The reception alone is capable of attracting members, but also sponsors. So it’s important to customize your orangery to get attention! Install a countertop, an internet connection, toilets, and furniture with beautiful colors capable of highlighting the beautiful structure of orangeries made of glass and metal. Opting for an orangery as the home of a sports club means opting for the possibility of having a stunning view of the playground and all the surrounding greenery. The perfect place to award the prizes of your competitions!

Orangeries: our company offers you the best!

Professionals who have been in the field for a long time, we offer quality services in the production and installation of orangeries. Our structures are the result of expert work. We take into account your desires and your budget in order to offer you a satisfactory result in all respects. With fine finishes, our orangeries will seduce you to buy or rent. You just have to specify your desires regarding thedecoration or the amenities of your choice and we will strive to realize them as soon as possible.

Will it be necessary to take an installation permit for your orangery?

The installation of an orangery may require an installation permit or a building permit issued by the planning department. However, this will depend entirely on the size of your facility, but also on how long it will take on a given property. It may just be necessary to have an installation authorization. However, note that the permit will be mandatory in most cases for a period of installation beyond 3 months. You will therefore need to set your installation time and complete the necessary formalities.