Rent and purchase orangeraie
at the best price

Whatever the architecture of your home, an orangery always adds a positive touch and a surprise effect to anyone who discovers it. These bright rooms that warmly emphasize the composition of your garden are available under multitudes of architecture and material. So much so that there are now many shopping and rental services for those who want to offer a sense of grandeur to their garden.

A warm and enchanting place for ceremonies and receptions

Have you ever considered holding anopen-air ceremony without weather? With the rental or purchase of an orangery, this will no longer be a hypothesis. It is a steel construction supported by full-height pillars, floor-to-ceiling windows, greenery and a glass lantern. The orangery ceremonial rooms are the result of transparent glass walls and ceilings that make you and your guests feel like you’re outdoors without being exposed to the elements. And it is works often lined with lush plants that create an idyllic atmosphere. The orangeries are distinguished by an elegance, a refinement combining tradition, modernity and creativity. Ideal for ceremonies such as an intimate wedding, a baptism, the orangery has its own private patio, perfect for hot summer days or just for everyday breakfast.

The other argument that resonates in favour of an orangery is the close relationship that these constructions have with nature. They are true museums for all lovers of flowers, plants and plant species of all kinds. Making them perfect places for summer or autumn weddings, the combination of greenery with decorations in colors and shades of nature creates an idyllic and romantic setting. This is more highlighted if you opt for a chic, retro or vintage style, it is precisely in a greenhouse that you can organize a reception with these themes.

Discover pieces that stand out for their unique composition

If you have chosen a modern or minimal reception, we offer you the possibility to organize it precisely and flawlessly in one of our spaces. Thanks to our exclusive all-height glass system, we can offer elegant and refined chassis models. Whether for renting or buying the orangery, we always rely on buildings that are distinguished by their uniqueness. Our range allows you to customize your orange grove according to your tastes, but also the character and atmosphere you want to give to your reception area. Our series, with varied and timeless patterns, gives you the opportunity to create a unique place that combines authenticity, charm and conviviality. Our particularity is to know how to play on refined plant species in accordance with the style for which you have opted, and to use them as the predominant ornament in every detail of your installations. But our expertise doesn’t just stop at the construction itself. For example, wedding table centers are an interesting way to amplify the visual effects on a guest table and create a remarkable set.

Discover elegant designs with tasteful details that will only add to the enthusiastic atmosphere you want to create in your garden. Our unique decorations and effects will work wonders to create a unique atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on guests.

Orangeries are used for a multitude of uses

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the orangery is an affordable way to add a functional living space with a fantastic view of the garden. It allows you to create an additional comfort space for which to better exploit your home and enhance the scale of special events. More original in many ways, a wedding or baptism celebrated in an orangery will still manage to offer a charm that does not have a showroom lambda.

If you are looking for a castle room of particular dignity to offer your guests an unforgettable experience, our structures offer the aesthetics and space to suit different types of events of a private or professional nature. They offer plenty of space for ceremonies including a dance floor and reception areas with small, secluded spaces where guests can relax before entertaining; and this in a relaxed or formal atmosphere.

Among the different types of events that renting and buying our orangeries can allow you to organize are:

  • Birthday parties and parties;
  • Private parties, corporate parties;
  • Important events such as seminars, conventions and exhibitions that seek a unique setting;

Concerts, prestigious evenings and gala dinners…

Structures that adapt to the scale of your event

Thanks to the models we offer, a very long list of invitations to a ceremony will be far from a haunting or stress. On average, an orangery can accommodate a few hundred people (sometimes up to 300 guests) for dinners or official ceremonies. When it’s a more casual event where guests can stand, our facilities can also do the trick without ever giving your guests that annoying feeling of suffocation. Our expertise is also to play on the vastness of the environment to multiply the choices of organization of your banquet: there will be room both for well spaced and separate tables and for an altar or a central table.

Our offer encompasses a wide variety of buildings and structures

If you’re looking for a bright, airy place outdoors to celebrate an event you care about, there’s no better place than an orangery. In addition to our unique constructions, we have reserved for you a collection of celebratory venues capable of inspiring you to the utmost. Other constructions you’ll discover in our collection include:

  • Reception rooms and spaces
  • a pavilion (baltard);
  • a canopy, veranda, solarium;
  • Winter Gardens;
  • an event structure, a temporary structure (Eiffel);
  • covered terraces, awnings, meadows or kiosks;
  • semi-permanent reception tents;
  • event tents;
  • temporary capitals and infrastructure, barnum;
  • halls in metallic architecture…

If our models do not meet your expectations, we have the opportunity to create a personalized decoration that fits perfectly with your environment,for example by taking the patterns of your existing carpentry, as long as they meet a technical feasibility.

What other advantages in renting an orangery with us?

Receptions are the ideal suite for baptism, birthday or wedding ceremonies. If your guest list is impressive, it may not be possible to buy all the decorations for the reception room. Investing in a large number of items increases the total cost of reception and once the party is over; it is unlikely that you will ever need to use the structure itself again. That’s why renting an orangery at the best price here is an idea worth a visit. It allows you to save a lot of money on an occasion when you need it most.

Our know-how and experience, combined with our desire to integrate new technologies and continuously improve, guarantee you an orange grove with careful finishes and decorations. We have the resources and professional support to set up the orangery and install decorations for receptions, parties and special gatherings. Our rental service also includes the design, configuration and supply of innovative accessories. In short, our comprehensive service gives you the opportunity to save time and resources.

Why opt for the purchase of an orangery with our company?

If you choose to buy an orangery, what better way to entrust yourself to a company with established credibility? In addition to the fact that we offer a varied selection of orangery sizes and shapes and that our price conditions are affordable, we want to create a lasting relationship with our customers. A construction as durable as an orangery deserves a leading expertise not only in the choice of materials, their arrangement, but also in the finishes, decoration, supply and installation of accessories. We therefore propose to accompany you throughout the process and to deliver works that seduce you by their beauty and originality. Our orangeries are all-inclusive places that offer everything; from glass to lamps, floral design, decoration, etc.

The intended uses for the garden are innumerable and the installation of an orangery is one of the most interesting. If you are wondering about the causes that make orangeries profitable pens for the garden, a few arguments will be enough to convince you: a spacious structure, natural backgrounds and the opportunity to indulge with original and even personalized arrangements. In addition to renting, you can also keep the orangeries in your homes permanently. As an established value building, orangeries will be able to make your homes even more luxurious and increase their value.