Orangery rental and purchase
for concert hall/concerts

You are in the event and you are constantly looking forsingular places to organize your various events? Well, orangery may prove to be a good solution for you. It allows you to have an adaptable setting without much headache at your various concerts or shows. At the same time, it allows you to enjoy the light of the stars without fearing the whims of nature. But what is an orangery?

What is orangery?

Today, there are more and more lovers of the outdoors and are enjoying what has become of the orangery. In the old days, orangery was a greenhouse in which growers kept or cultivated young orange plants to protect them from bad weather. With evolution, the great aristocratic families who had them began to grow all kinds of plants, but also to spend time there. The orangery as we know it now can be found in small terraces where you can relax and have fruit juice in the afternoon, in kiosks where you can sell or display various items, but also in large tents that can host concerts or other similar events.

Capitals and temporary infrastructure

We innovate in the construction of buildings with metallic architecture. The large glass tents have no secrets for us. We deliver highly technical, original and innovative products. Your orangeries will not lose any of their period charm and we will bring them added value with the modern performances that we equip them with. Your ephemeral orangery will host the most beautiful concerts.

Your concerts in style

You want those who will be present for the show or the concert that will take place under your tent to leave dazzled, we have the solution for you. Nos orangeries stand out for their elegance and refinement. The creativity with which they are designed will amaze you. We have a system of high-rise windows that can lend itself to pleasant play of light. With the models we offer you, you can customize your orange grove according to your tastes and the atmosphere you want to install in your showroom. The patterns of our glasses are diverse, varied and timeless. There is absolutely no doubt that you will succeed in creating the time of an evening or a little more, a unique and authentic place. We put all our know-how and experience at your disposal to guarantee you a neat orange grove. That’s why we insist that if our models do not meet your desires, we immediately create a decoration and installation for you that will perfectly integrate your recommendations and will perfectly embrace the details of the environment in which you install it. With us, your experience of renting orangery will be a definite success in every way.

Your private show

The orangeries we offer are flexible for all your events. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to make it an intimate place that will house a private show for example. All you have to do is share your wishes and we’ll make them happen!

How do you choose the type of orange grove that best suits your needs?

It is not always easy to plan in terms of construction and development. Thanks to new technologies, you can, through an immersive experience, get a taste of the rendering of your orangery in addition to some simulations of the event that will take place there. This allows you to bring your expectations as close as possible to reality if you can put it that way.

What are the precautions to take to organize a concert in an orangery?

Whether it’s to promote an artist or make a collection for a good work, renting an orangery for the purpose of organizing a show is not without rules. You will have to define your audience, but also the place where it will be held. Once you have reached this stage, you will need to get closer to the authorities to find out under what conditions your temporary event tent can be set up. It is only after this mandatory administrative formality that you can calmly delineate the budget that you intend to allocate to the execution of your event. As far as the budget is concerned, you have nothing to fear our offers adapt to all scholarships while remaining very practical. However, we advise you to communicate well about your show so that it is a total success. It would be a pity if such a beautiful room specially designed for the occasion was not filled to its maximum during the event.
Installing an orangery is the best decision you can make to make your shows a success. These large covered terraces offer particularly large and bright spaces. In addition, our know-how will charm the various participants and guests.