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When you hear “orangery,” the first thing you think about is an orange and that is perfectly legitimate. At the time, orangeries were places where fruit was kept to prevent it from deteriorating prematurely in the bad season. An essential element of high-end mansions in the past, the orange grove has seen its role mutated from one era to another. Fruits are no longer the only beneficiaries. Men find more and more pleasure when they share moments of joy.

What is an orangery?

As the name suggests, this veranda was a room where lemons and oranges were grown, when the temperature outside was not adapted. Initially, its structure allowed it to be moved after the bad weather had passed. But with time and theevolution of architecture,the orange grove has embraced more complex decorative tendencies than the others and only serves in cold weather.
Generally, it is an elegant building, but above all independent and south-facing. This makes it possible to always make a better profit from natural light, regardless of the time of year.

How do you choose your orangery?

Before choosing your orange grove, you need to define what you expect from this room. Are you looking to create a dining area? To make a gym? To set up a party room? With regard to the use you intend to make of your orangery, you will have to adapt its construction or at least choose the model that will best meet your needs when renting it.

Buying your orangery

If you intend to purchase the necessary equipment to install your orangery, we recommend that you carefully define its location. Depending on whether it is South or West-facing, the orangery offers different advantages:

  • For example, if you decide to have your orangery installed in the East, you will enjoy pleasant moments if it serves as a living room or dining room. The windows will let the sun filter in the morning and afternoon;
  • In the event that your orangery is positioned in the west, it will be imperative to provide a ventilation and shading system for the summer, as it may be particularly hot because of the sun which can be violent in the afternoon.

Investing in an orangery, a profitable business for your restaurant

By investing in thepurchase of an orange grove,you can be sure to close a good deal. This marquee is directly adapted to the need for which you purchase it. Indeed, its large open space is just waiting to be furnished by tables and chairs. So you save a lot in terms of space management, but also in terms of expense to cover any changes if it were a stone building. Restaurants that experience periods of great seasons in summer or during parties can afford this covered terrace. If they don’t buy it, they can always make it a temporary rental.

How do you set up your orangery?

Once your orange grove is installed, you can add the deco touch that inspires you the most without any constraints. Whether it’s a retro or industrial atmosphere, the orange grove allows you everything. You can give your restaurant the look you want. Orange groves have a special feature, they are naturally elegant, refined and mix the modern and the traditional in a creative way. With our variety of orange groves, you have the opportunity to customize the décor by adding cachet. The patterns of our windows are multiple and varied. We can assure you that your orange grove will be unique in the world. Our team is at your disposal to help you in all tasks. We have many years of experience and our desire to satisfy you requires us to give the best.

Personalize your orange grove

It is clear that we often start on a standard model. However, if this does not meet your expectations, we can offer you the variations you want. In addition to the know-how,we have technological tools that allow us to do wonders. Your orange grove will be as you wish as long as the space that houses it allows it of course.
Orange groves are not uncommon. You have certainly come across more than one if you have ever visited the castles that populate France. Their use has evolved over time and they have become indispensable during events. The orangery adapts to several occasions and is very functional. Its size varies depending on the space you have and its installation is much less expensive than a traditional construction. More and more restaurants are opting for its installation in order to attract more customers. We recommend that you don’t miss out. The future customers of your restaurant are just waiting for your pavilion to take a gourmet break!