Orangery rental and purchase
for receptions

During a wedding, an anniversary or any celebration, the reception stage is really crucial. The guests hope to live an unforgettable moment and you dream of making a good impression, but also to feel the pride and joy of a successful and unique event. The orangery is the ideal recourse for the success of your events. Our agency specializes in renting and buying orangery for Receptions.

The orangery: what is the history of this very trendy structure?

The orangery is a closed building, with large windows and a heating system where citrus fruits planted in bins and pots were kept during the winter, as well as other fragile plants that feared frost. Italy is the country that launched fashion with floor-to-ceiling windows on the arcades during the Renaissance period. In Italy, “limonaia” was used to refer to orangery.
The orange, considered a “golden apple” at the moment, was a symbol of luxury and power for aristocrats. It was also offered as a gift to children during the holidays. In France, kings as well as wealthy people had a strong taste for exotic plants. It was therefore necessary at all costs to find a way to conserve these fruits and plants, hence the adoption of orangeries and greenhouses.

What’s the difference between orangery and greenhouse?

On the surface, the orangery and greenhouse are similar, which is confusing. It should be noted, however, that a greenhouse is a enclosed or semi-open building, made of glass or plastic, which was used to warm plants and vegetables and protect them from rain in order to improve plant production and accelerate their growth.

The orangery, much more than a garden structure

Today, the orangery has modernized and serves far beyond plant conservation. It is used for moments of relaxation and especially as a place for receptions. It is everywhere and fully satisfies its users.

How can you use an orangery?

The orangery can be used in different ways. It can be used, for example, in a house, for private, professional or sporting events. Before embarking on the construction of an orangery, it is advisable to define the use to be made of it.
Generally, it is used as:

  • Event structure;
  • Room and reception area to receive your guests in a beautiful setting;
  • Pavilion (Baltard) as a theatre;
  • Preau to be used as a shelter in all circumstances and against the vagaries of the climate while being open to the outside;
  • Event tent;
  • Capitals and temporary infrastructure.

The structures cited here can be used for all types of events including receptions, birthday parties, corporate parties, exhibitions, concerts, gala dinners and others. For your cocktails and dishes, you can adopt a kiosk space or a pagoda. Also take advantage of our customization service to create the models of orangeries that are close to your heart. VIP receptions, party at the right franquette, professional receptions,family receptions: the orangeries fit perfectly!

What about the North and the East?

For a gym, the northern orangery is nice. A small amount of light is projected on this side and the sun will not be a problem. This type of orangery is often not requested.
The brightest and warmest rooms are facing west. Indeed, during the afternoons, the sun brightly brightly which allows this great brightness.

Why use our services?

Our metallic orangeries are distinguished by their elegance and their fusion between traditionalism and modernism. Our high glass system allows us to provide you with unique models. We have extensive experience in the field and customer satisfaction is our major concern. We offer models of orangery that you will certainly like.