Orangery rental and purchase
for gardening awning

If you want to have a nice space in your home where you can have a good time and where to grow your plants, consider installing an orangery. There are different types of them. This is the case of the orangery for awning or gardening. Find out more about the orangery in this article.

What do you need to know about orangeries?

An orangery also known as an orange grove is an enclosed building with large windows and a heating system that was once used during bad periods to house citrus fruits and other plants. It was used during the winter to prevent these plants from freezing.
Large windows or glass windows are installed on the arcades of these buildings. These structures were born in Italy during the Renaissance period before reaching the whole of Europe thanks to their originality and unique aesthetics.

Orangeries have since been adopted as a place of exhibition of plants of all types.
Today, the orangeries with their metallic architecture serve as a room and reception space. This is called a contemporary orangery. However, their role is no longer limited to sheltering citrus fruits and plants.

What’s the use of an orangery?

Contemporary orangeries are increasingly used for a variety of designs. They serve as:

  • Veranda to add conviviality to the house and allow you to enjoy the garden;
  • Covered terrace to avoid sun or rain;
  • Event structure;
  • Pavilion;
  • Preau for shelter in all circumstances;
  • Solarium for the purpose of exposure to sunlight;
  • Semi-permanent reception tent;
  • Event tent;
  • Capitals and temporary infrastructure;
  • Barnum which is a type of garden shed similar to a tent or marquee.

Orangeries, a use for unsuspected events!

Gardening enthusiasts can opt for a garden awning to enjoy its benefits in their daily activities. We also specialize in the installation and installation of orangery for gardening awning. Renting or buying orange groves is quite possible for your events of all types.
As mentioned above, thanks to the orangery you will be able to have a room for your receptions, for the celebration of anniversaries and for the organization of private parties. Also, orangeries are used as event rooms for exhibitions of all kinds, they serve as concert halls for example concerts or for prestigious evenings (gala dinners), they are ideal for building terraces covered with restaurants. During ephemeral events such as showrooms or temporary stores, these structures are ideal. In the sports field, orangeries are the structures to choose for the developmentof reception areas in the field of football, rugby or golf among others.
Finally, if you are in the field of car sales, you can install an orangery for the launch of manufacturing car, or for antique car shows.

Far beyond the gardening area, we offer you elegance!

The orangeries are characterized by their elegance and their perfect alloy between traditional and modern that will make your garden a paradise envied by all and your event an unforgettable moment for you and for your guests. We have the ability to refine customising the chassis by cutting the steels with modern machines of the latest generation. The models of orange groves we offer are unique, pleasant and charming.

Orange tree single roof

Your orange groves can have a simple roof with widths ranging from 6 to 15m. Orange groves with simple roofs allow you to enjoy a very spacious reception room and above all rich in brightness. They are of awe-inspiring elegance. To make them perfect for you, we respect all your requirements and needs as much as possible. Orange groves with a simple roof can be permanently installed or can be dismantled after the event.

Double-roofed orange grove

We also have a new range of orangeries consisting of a double roof with widths that vary between 11 or 15 m without central poles and 20 or 30 m with central poles. This orangery model does not have indoor poles which allows you to maximize interior space as well as brightness and receive more guests. It is possible to combine this range with a canopy to have a larger volume of light.

Personalisation, a big advantage

Given the uniqueness of each customer and the consideration of each customer’s requirements, you have the opportunity to customize your orange groves according to your desires. If our models don’t work for you, we can take into account the environment you are in to suggest the model that’s right for you.
We present you with quality work, thanks to our experience in the field, our constant search for improvement and innovation and above all thanks to our insertion of new technologies for the assured success of your orangeries. You will be able to benefit from automatic ventilation and heating systems, systems for artificial lighting, etc.