The Orangery is subject to the
CTS regulation

The Orangery is subject to CTS regulations

This regulation relates to the “Capitals, Tents, Structures” which fall under the legislation of the Order of 23/01/85. This is a specific regulation that frees from any seismic, thermal regulations applicable to hard buildings.

Ephemeral structures of more than 50m2 that can accommodate more than 50 people are regulated by the regulations of “Public Receiving Institutions type CTS”. CTS safety standards apply to all structures that welcome guests but are not considered buildings.

Ephemeral orangeries fall under this regulation. A CTS building permit should therefore be filed. It is considered a nomadic reception room (even if it is not) because it is easily removable. Each owner of a CTS type structure of more than 50 m2 and able to accommodate at least 50 people, must maintain a safety register specific to its structure. The security register of a structure is also proof of the completion of the approval procedure by the Prefect.

This document includes:

  • Compliance Certificate (Article CTS 3)
  • A portion that relates to the operation and which must be kept up to date by the owner
  • The basic plan and a photograph of the structure (with extensions)

The Orangery is affected by this security register, this one is done by the Office of Verification Tent and Structure Capitals which monitors and makes the application for compliance with the Prefecture of the department where your Domain is located.